Simone Øster, Smokey

Tia Korpe is the Founder and Director of non-profit organization and global community Future Female Sounds, which works to empower, educate, and highlight female and gender minority Djs globally. 

Tia comes with 15 years of experience in the music and culture industry as an artist manager, booker, and independent consultant, dedicating her work life to creating opportunities and platforms for women and other marginalized groups within the music and culture industry. She is an expert in the field of DJing and gender, as well as community building and branding.

Tia's work has been featured by The Economist, MTV, UNESCO, OkayAfrica, Mixmag, NME magazine, NowThis! and many more. 

As a DJ, Tia Turn Tables has been marrying sounds from around the world for over a decade, focusing on music as storytelling and soundcuration. Her mixes are soulful, seductive and diverse, moving between soul, jazz, highline, house, hip hop, afrobeats and vocal based R&B. She has collected vinyl for over 20 years, and DJed in cities like Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London, Amman and Cairo - collecting global sounds as musical souvenirs. Tia’s ongoing curiosity for discovering new artists means she’s always cooking up new mixes with surprising sounds.