Simone Øster, Smokey

Simone Øster aka Smokey is a Copenhagen-based DJ with a well-cultivated appetite for a proper party and an on-point aesthetic to match. Emerging from renowned techno squad Apeiron Crew, as a solo artist she’s more focused on off-kilter rhythms, bass, breaks, electro, jungle, ghetto tech and more. Having been heavily involved in the music and culture scene in Copenhagen for the past decade, Smokey has high standards when it comes to fun. She enters the room with an attitude of ‘get weird or go home’, and her sets reflect that; her humorous and upbeat attitude radiates from her, whether from behind the decks or on the dancefloor. But when she plays, don’t expect sunshine and rainbows. Her selection is heavy and will undoubtedly smack you in the face with something deep and evil.


"After having taught at the DJ academy for a year and a half, it felt like a natural and important extension to share my knowledge and experience at the online academy too.  I am very excited and proud to have been a part of this project directly furthering our mission - making DJ'ing more accessible to female and gender minorities globally”