Simone Øster, Smokey

Meg10 is one of the most compelling DJs to come out of Berlin. Her political outspokenness and love for Y2K Hip Hop & RnB are key components to her sonic ID. With her genre-bending sound that combines elements of Rap & Electronic Music, as well as her feminist endeavors to foster a more female and queer inclusive club scene, Meg10 has been shaking up Germany for the last 5 years.

As the founder of Germany’s most talked about femme focused club night Hoe_mies, Meg10 has helped bring about a whole new generation of female and gender minority DJs and pioneered awareness in the Berlin club space. Pulling together a broad spectrum of genres from Hip Hop, Dancehall & Afrobeats to House, Electro and Techno, Hoe_mies is still overhitting capacity since its inception in 2017 and empowers its community to take up space in male domains. 

Meg10’s unique sets boasting with bass, femme energy, and explicit lyrics to lip sync to as well as her know-how for curating blockbuster line-ups not only garnered her features in press outlets, including Vogue Germany, High Snobiety, and VICE but also invitations to curate stages at acclaimed festivals such as Fusion, Splash!, Melt and many more.